The daily output of Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka includes 23 miniature scenes.

Tatsuya Tanaka (born 1981) is a Japanese miniature and imitate artist. He is best known for his daily “Miniature scenes” series, in which he uses everyday objects to create miniature scenes that depict everyday life in a humorous and whimsical way.

Miniature scenes

Tanaka began creating his miniature scenes in 2011 and has been sharing them online ever since. His work has quickly become popular, and he now has over 3 million followers on Instagram. Tanaka has also held exhibitions of his work around the world, and he has published several books on his miniature photography.

People frequently praise Tanaka’s writing for being innovative, funny, and playful. He incorporates many commonplace items, such as food, stationery, and even home appliances, into his scenes. Additionally, he frequently uses miniature figurines to create realistic yet fantastical scenarios in his artwork.

Tanaka’s artwork has received appreciation for its originality, comedy, and capacity to convey the beauty of daily life. He is also acknowledged for inspiring a new generation of diorama and miniature painters through his work. For More funny Knowledge Click Here

Tatsuya Tanaka is very famous on Instagram with 3.7 million Followers and 5579 posts

Credit : Tatsuya Tanaka

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#1.“Diving Boots”

miniature scenes “Diving Boots”

#2.“Match Point”

miniature scenes “Match Point”

#3. “How to Make Tofu”

miniature scenes “How to Make Tofu”

#4. “Power Recharge”

miniature scenes “Power Recharge”

#5. “Flying Nimbus”

 miniature scenes “Flying Nimbus”

#6. “Harvest Moon”

miniature scenes “Harvest Moon”

#7. “Static Noise”

miniature scenes “Static Noise”

#8. “Kiki’s Ribbon”

 miniature scenes “Kiki's Ribbon”

#9. “Venezia Kitchen”

 miniature scenes “Venezia Kitchen”

#10. “We Can Correct the Orbit.”

miniature scenes “We Can Correct the Orbit.”

#11. “Mahjong High School”

miniature scenes “Mahjong High School”

#12. “Sewing Ramen”

miniature scenes “Sewing Ramen”

#13. “Pencil Skirt”

 miniature scenes “Pencil Skirt”

#14. “High Jump”

 miniature scenes “High Jump”

#15. “Fireplace”

 miniature scenes “Fireplace”

#16. “Beam Rifle”

 miniature scenes “Beam Rifle”

#17. “Basketball Ring”

 miniature scenes “Basketball Ring”

#18. “Summer Fade Out”

 miniature scenes “Summer Fade Out”

#19. “Canned Pond”

 miniature scenes “Canned Pond”

#20. “Egg Toilet”

 miniature scenes “Egg Toilet”

#21. “Mac to the Future”

miniature scenes “Mac to the Future”

#22. “Take Root”

miniature scenes “Take Root”

#23. “Dicematian”

 miniature scenes “Dicematian”



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