here are 20 thought-provoking and sardonic sketches illustrations By Al Margen that depict people

Al Margen is a thought-provoking illustrator predicated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He creates study-provoking and sardonic sketches that note the unhealthy conduct born of 21st-century advances. Margen’s style is marked by sharp but detailed pencil illustrations that depict people in a slightly wasted fashion with unhealthy-looking features. For More Read: Click Here, Here

But some leave the communication to the observer to interpret the ethical implications for themselves. Sharp but detailed pencil illustrations mark Margen’s style. It depicts people slightly weakened with unhealthy-looking features. This style of delineation is all the more pronounced in this illustration about body image, where the womanish figure is stretched to grotesque, cadaverous proportions when measuring the waist. Other motifs covered by Margen are humanity’s adding dependence on electronic bias and our lately” wired” brainpower.

It portrays the intimidating exposure of posting an innocuous selfie online, the suppression of free will in favor of conventional education, the way we unquestioningly consume news from news sources, and the pressure placed on immature people to perform academically anyhow of the depression that may affect them. Through dark pasquinade, Margen’s artworks raise the question Is this what is wrong with modern culture? Al Margen has achieved enormous success in the world of illustration.

Despite his humble onsets and limited network, the artist has become a force to be reckoned with in the sedulity. His commitment to creating high-quality illustrations and incorporating slice-edge technology was game-changing in the sedulity. Whether you like his style or not, his paintings will leave an emotional impact on your soul. And I believe Al Margen will continue to inspire us to come together and embrace our differences to make a brighter future together.

His passion for illustration and digital art has made Al Margen a ménage name in the sedulity. He came notorious for creating unique designs and intricate details in his illustration work. While other artists tried to copy his style, Al Margen was suitable to be creative by making his delineations as detailed as possible, so that he charmed the cult. It wasn’t long before he gained recognition from various industrious publications. From magazines to journals to advertising agencies, he soon gained the attention of major companies, indeed Hollywood manufactories.

Credit: Al Margen

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# 1. I’m so tired and I can’t sleep.


# 2. The Muse. thought-provoking



# 3. Jealousy


# 4. Irse.

 thought-provoking irse

# 5. Crack.

 thought-provoking crack


# 6. Discussion.

 thought-provoking Discussion.


# 8. Effort of many, benefits for few.


 thought-provoking Effort of many, benefits for few.

# 9. “the children will see the world as I see it”.


thought-provoking "the children will see the world as I see it".

#10.  Miss Coma


 thought-provoking Miss Coma


# 11. Uncomfortable comfort


Uncomfortable comfort thought-provoking


# 12. We are the prisoners of the clock.


We are the prisoners of the clock. thought-provoking


# 13. The crisis of thought.


 The crisis of thought. thought-provoking


# 14. Headlights.


Headlights. thought-provoking


# 15. The illusion of turning back time


The illusion of turning back time thought-provoking


# 16. Forgetfulness.


Forgetfulness. thought-provoking


# 17. Time devouring our stories.


Time devouring our stories. thought-provoking


# 18. Addiction.


Addiction. thought-provoking


#19. Pet.


Pet. thought provoking


# 20. In Inland of the Blind, the deaf is the king


In land of the blind the deaf is king thought provoking




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