Busiest& Biggest Airports In World

There are many largest and biggest airports in world. However, they become a popular tourist attraction and a major business tool for many countries around the world. There are also several other major airports such as Antwerp in Belgium, Krakow in Poland, Beijing Haidian in China, and Johannesburg International Airport in South Africa.

10 Biggest Airports In World Different countries

1- Johannesburg International Airport

This is the busiest airport on Earth. It is located in Goliathombe near Durban, South Africa. It is connected to the city by road and railway as well as a tunnel. This airport is also known as Cape Town International Airport but is officially called JQA (Jemal Qabantu Arshab) and opened for international passenger flights in October 2006. This airport is served by more than 400 airlines.

2- Beijing Haidian International Logistics and Transport Center

It is a logistics center with an airport for more than 40 thousand passengers a year. It serves about 23 airlines, 22 cargo ships, 12 cargo/logistics companies as well as 20 foreign agencies.

3- Moscow International Airport Falei

It is located in the capital of Russia, in the Vladimir region, in the former Soviet Union. At this point, the highest airport is the Moscow Metro. It currently can handle 5,5000 passengers per year. In addition, Moscow Regional Airport also hosts several events. These include concerts, sporting events, and other public events. They are also known as the Moscow International Exhibition Center.

4- Istanbul Airport

This is another major airport in Turkey. Almost 500 miles southeast of Ankara in the country of North Macedonia is an area that was once occupied by the ancient Roman Empire. For hundreds of years, this place has been used as a major European crossroads,biggest airports in world now the Turks are planning to build another large and modern airport here, which will soon be completed in 2016.

5. Islamabad International Airport

The national capital of Pakistan is located about 1400 kilometers north of Karachi Airport. Due to its size and location, it has earned the nickname “Gateway to Asia”. The airport also has a modern terminal that can accommodate up to 21 Boeings. There are also four runways providing direct access to around 3 billion tons for loading and unloading of goods and passengers.

6. Shanghai Pudong International Airport

It is one of the busiest ports in mainland China and an important port in the world. It currently has a total of 1.4 million international passengers per day. It handles around 3,500 domestic and 70,000 local passengers every day. Its location is one of the locations of the most important places for tourism in China due to the high number of tourists who visit the city to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

7. Shenzhen Hongqiao International Airport

It is in the western part of the Chinese city of Guangdong province. As the name suggests; this is an independent airport. Due to its location, it is also known as Shenzhen No. 2 Port. The airport is spread over an area of ​​more than 1500 acres. It is managed by the provincial government of Guangdong Province together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guangdong.

8. Doha International Airport

It is a small airport located within 30 kilometers of the Iranian border on the east coast of Qatar. It is one of the largest airports in the Middle East. In addition, various sports and fairs are held here, it is also home to the annual Olympic Games and football championships, as well as various international political topics.

9. Tokyo Skytree Airport

It is located near the center of Tokyo, where there is a lot of greenery. During the winter seasons, this area becomes very crowded as people return home for Christmas. On the ground floor, you will see trees and huge flowers. But then when you approach the sky tree area you realize it has a beautiful blue tower built in the shape of a man in white. And for your convenience, you can enjoy sunbathing in the air in the summer areas above it.

10. Frankfurt Airport

It is a large and medium-sized airport in Berlin, Germany. As the name suggests, it was built after World War II, when war broke out between Germany and France.biggest airports in world Now they have renovated the old airport building with modern facilities. Some of their functions include providing security and safety monitoring, medical services, and even traffic management. Their use of technology is quite advanced.

These are the 10 most expensive Biggest Airports in the world.

So in reality the world only has 4 of these busiest airports. Over time, this list may change as new cities begin to develop or another major airport may arrive. So stay tuned! Check our blog for updates.

International airports are vital for tourism and business travel around the world. They connect global cities with international destinations and thereby contribute to economic growth. The airport plays an important role in the development of the country as it helps the country to grow economically. So the aviation industry is one of the major industries worth billions.

When you look at a world map, it’s easy to wonder how many biggest airports in the world are.

The most populous countries for sure and they all have their share of airports. Of course, not every country has the same number of international airports. Some bigger ones don’t even exist! Here is a list of the largest airports in the world. Many people may consider them to be some of the busiest airports in the world. But how do you calculate the number of planes that land at these top 5 airports? Well, that can vary from person to person. As we all know, most countries also have more than one airport. Here we will discuss some popular airports around the world. Let’s start with our country of origin.

If you scroll down the page, you will find that only 10 countries have one major airport. And it’s no surprise when you read the name of this first airport. It belongs to Ukraine. But you can also find other airports in different countries. So let’s start with our second airport in Europe. Now, in the next section, I list only three major airports in Europe.

It is common knowledge that Paris is a hub for international flights and one of the main reasons is that France has the largest number of airlines. Not only France but also Portugal and Germany have a large number of commercial aircraft. But we are not talking about the total number of aircraft in Europe, which is two big ones; Airbus A320 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Biggest Airports in the world South Africa&Dubai International Airport

They are global leaders in the commercial aviation sector. This airport is located next to the small city of Nice. There is another major airport on the African continent, namely the Johannesburg Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. Apart from Africa, Botswana (a developing country) also has an airport called Gaborone-Status. However, Johannesburg is the largest city in the world with more than 100 million inhabitants. There are so many different routes operated by different airlines to reach their destinations. Although it may appear to be the most beautiful airport in the entire world, it still has a few flaws.

That is why many tourists come here. Due to its location and climate, it is quite hot in the summer. Another good thing is that it is very accessible. One can easily fly from any part of Africa. You don’t have to do anything special. Just book a ticket. But this is just one airport. We have another one in Asia called Changi Airport. It currently holds the record for the number of passengers and cargo. Located in Singapore. Yes, both these airports are equally important in the same location.

Also known as Terminal D. Both belong to the Port of Singapore. Now let’s talk about the third largest airport in the world. There is only one airline, Southwest, that has the highest capacity in terms of passengers and cargo. Their destination is San Antonio, Texas. Then again let’s go to China to see the best airport in the world ‘Suvarnabhumi’. It currently handles 431,000 passengers a day and handles 30 million tonnes of goods! That is why it is the second busiest airport in the world.

Dubai International Airport,

And it is the largest city in China itself. Last but not least, I want to mention Dubai International Airport, which was also voted the fastest growing airport.biggest airports in world  Do not underestimate the importance of this airport. Located on the coast of the UAE. It is also the 2nd busiest airport in the Middle East. Today they have approximately 1.8 billion passengers. And that also mainly depends on the government.


Delhi airport.

So there is no doubt that they have everything for our travel needs. If you have decided to travel to Dubai, you can book your flights in any way. That is why it is also called “The best city in the world”. On my personal top ten list, I’m going to talk about the world’s first airport. I am talking about Delhi airport. No, this is not a big international airport, but it is a small one. It is located near the capital of India.

Its history dates back to 1858 when a new building was built. Nowadays, it is one of the capitals of the Indian subcontinent. It serves as a huge trading center in South Asia. In addition to its airport, it has several other facilities such as hotels, restaurants, food stalls, etc. The current population of this airport is about 30 thousand people. It is one of the largest airports in the world.

In 2020, there were more than 3.4 million passengers at 959 airports of many different airports around the world. However, some of the top busiest airports are not just a matter of popularity. Some airports are busy because they have better facilities such as larger terminals that can handle more passengers. In this article, we will discuss the busiest airport in the entire world with its history and modern status on the planet. After reading this article, you can easily imagine what it must have been like and how people were doing back then! Here’s why you should visit the biggest airport on your way to Dubai and be safe at home

 The Most Popular And Biggest Airports in world.

They may be considered popular among travelers, but there are also some popular airports due to their historical significance or popularity. Let’s start our journey from Germany’s Frankfurt Airport in Berlin. You can visit these airports and know the importance of these airports. From Germany in West Germany. It was one of the first airports in all of West Germany after World War II.

Germany’s Frankfurt Airport in Berlin.

There is always a crowd at this airport whenever there is international business traffic. For this reason, many famous airlines that use Germany as their headquarters in Europe still come here. Also for other reasons why they want to come here. We can see the old airport buildings here. These buildings show that they had a good history during the Nazi regime in the country. A few years ago they had an aerial view of the runway. So they wanted to take pictures here and show the beauty of the place. So here we see the planes and the runway. Yes, you can still observe such beautiful views and thanks to the foreigners here in Germany, the airport is already a famous location all over the world.

Best  Airport in Madrid

Another city to visit with a large number of tourists on their way to visit another nation’s capital or famous tourist spots in Madrid. Today there are so many flights every time people want to travel from Spain to some other countries. But the first thing that comes to mind when someone has booked a flight to Madrid is: “What is the Best airport in Madrid?”. Well, according to experts, Madrid International Airport is the most popular airport for those people who visit the Spanish capital and want to get there safely.biggest airports in world

This airport is known for its high-speed trains, ample parking, and easy access to the nearest train and metro station. With Madrid International Airport, you can fly from Spain to Paris, London, Barcelona, ​​Geneva, Rome, and Milan in just 90 minutes without any hassle. As many important world events take place here, people want to stay here and enjoy these special moments. In addition to international tourism, many investors who have made big profits in the last 5 years want to visit Frankfurt Airport.

If they want their investments in Germany and want to invest in European markets, Frankfurt Airport plays a vital role. Most companies have their offices here. In addition, it is also very convenient to conduct business meetings. This airport may seem far from the center of Berlin because it is mostly used by private businesses, but it is closer to the city center. Overall, it is one of the safest major airports in Europe.

Furthermore, we have other airports like Abu Dhabi International Airport, Dhaka International Airport, and Islamabad International Airport. The list of airports may seem confusing, but if you are a regular traveler or just want to know the facts about them, you can find out some of them through their websites.

The world is changing fast. The development of technology can improve our daily life and this situation can bring us new challenges every day. One is that we cannot imagine going into the future without technology. Without having the internet at our fingertips, it is impossible to contact anyone. Technology can give us everything we need to create things. Now, with the help of the latest technology, we can control almost everything in our hands.

safety precautions

I have even seen many times when planes became autonomous and flew without human intervention. People don’t even have to wear glasses anymore because it doesn’t matter anymore. Similarly, the internet provides us with various devices where we don’t need a human to complete something. Many businesses and organizations use it to share their products and services. People can enjoy video conferencing with friends and family. In addition, it allows us to have virtual meetings with groups such as families, relatives, and employees. Our life does not end here.

As we have seen, technology will also play a key role in future business. So, with the help of recent technological advancements, every hour thousands of technological developments will take place and the world will change. The technology is currently widely used. Not only can we communicate online, but we can also send text messages, share files, send emails, download maps and look up real-time traffic patterns. All this is possible for us thanks to the interaction with the Internet. The idea of ​​a world that is independent of itself, without technology, will therefore not exist in the foreseeable future.


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