Here Are 20 Funny Comics by Jude Devir That Will Make You Smile

Many people think of Funny Comics of “Jude Devir” in terms of its religious significance, but it is the name for a type of art style that comes from the Latin word “Devil” meaning diabolical, or at least demonic, and was created by Jewish artists who lived in the High Middle Ages. However, the term has since been widely used to describe a wide variety of forms of visual expression. READ MORE

Some examples of these deviant works include paintings depicting scenes with exotic animals and bizarre elements, as well as depictions of satanic imagery such as crucifixion or torture. These pieces are often characterized as grotesque, but they also have cultural significance due to their unique themes and symbolism.

The idea of ​​using Satan as an antagonist in deviant art is to evoke feelings of discomfort or fear, which can make viewers think about themes such as sin and repentance. The use of black ink is important because it creates a sense of darkness and foreboding, which is essential when drawing images of demons. Additionally, the way lines and perspective are used can make it even more terrifying.

Jude Devir’s comics are known for their bold and distorted visuals, often compared to horror films or cartoons. Some creators also incorporate otherworldly motifs into their works, such as flying footholds and catacombs, making them feel more fantastical than usual. In addition, they tend to deal with complex topics such as religion and morality, giving them a deeper sense of introspection. This can be seen in stories like Death of Christ and Hellbound Prisoner of Heaven.

Jude Devir’s comics focus on various aspects of human life, including fantasy, romance, violence, and horror. They are usually written in simple language that is easy to read and understand, making them accessible even to people without prior knowledge of the subject.

Some standard features of Jude Devir’s comics are character development, plot, mystery, and violence. Many of the characters in these works have names that are related to one or two things, such as Lucifer (demon), Eve (woman), Judas (traitor), and Satan (Satan). Other times, villains become friends or allies, such as Eve, Adam and Eve, or Lucifer, who can sometimes act as positive forces in their stories.

Jude Devir’s comics are usually less violent than mainstream comics, although some may contain graphic or realistic depictions of violence. Overall, Jude Devil comics are more reminiscent of surrealism or fantasy than mainstream comics. In comparison, Jude Devir’s comics tend to feature more realistic depictions of violence, which can be seen in popular titles such as Captain America: Civil War and DC Universe Supervillains.

Jude Devir’s comics tend to have more complex plots, with many subplots and storylines running simultaneously. They are not linear and there is no clear end goal in sight, which can create a sense of uncertainty. For example, if you read a story where someone dies and later comes back, it could mean they are still alive or dead. This unpredictability can add to the realism and overall unsettling atmosphere of the work.

Overall, Jude Devir’s comic provides insight into what it was like to live during the Renaissance through stories of magic and adventure, while also addressing issues such as gender roles, power dynamics, and class. Whether you follow a Jude Devir comic or not, chances are you’ll experience something new and exciting, whether it’s exploring the depths of nature or experiencing an alternate reality.

Jude Devir’s comics tend to explore themes like love, war, and politics through compelling storytelling and colorful illustrations. With detailed details and vibrant colors, these media allow readers to see the world in all its beauty and glory.

Jude Devir’s comics offer a unique look into the lives of characters whose actions may be considered questionable or immoral and provide a unique perspective on social issues and culture. It is possible that writers can approach these types of stories with caution and respect for the sensitivities of others.

Credit: Jude Devir

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#1. Jelly Belly

 funny comics jelly Belly


# 2. Head Short

Funny comics head short


# 3. One of those days

 One of Those Days funny comics


# 4. Scissoring

Scissoring funny comics

#5. Hair Cutting

funny comics hair cutting


#6. Vacation

vaction funny comics


#7. Quiet

quiet funny comics


#8.That time of the month…

That time of the month... funny comics


#9. Size does matter!

Size does matter! funny comics


#10. The mask

the mask funny comics


#11. I can do it on my own!

I can do it on my own! funny comics


#12. Our Dear O.O.T.D-ers!!!

Our Dear O.O.T.D-ers!!! funny comics

#13. Always lock the door!

Always lock the door! funny comics




EEEW! EEEW! EEEW! funny comics

#16. Always say: “YES!”

Always say :"YES!" funny comics

#17. it’s harder than it looks!

it's harder than it looks! funny comics

#18. Sit Up Straight 

sit up straight funny comics

#19. 🔥FIRE!🔥 (Taga Taga Da Da!)

🔥FIRE!🔥 (Taga Taga Da Da!) funny comics

#20. Dont’Move

do not move funny comics

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