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In order to have a successfull Story on instagram with most followers, you need to follow some rules and regulations of the platform in which you are creating a story and what kind of behavior you can use for your followers. So, let’s check out some general tips and techniques to get more following on social media.

How To Create an Account with Instagram

First thing before we start our steps is that to start your creation of an Account on Instagram, you must first login at After that, there will be a pop-up window that appears automatically once you login using mobile device. On this page, you will see 6 different sections like Profile, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Personal Info & Privacy.

complete setup your account

Now after filling all those sections, you will continue with these options: Select Your Country, Fill in Your Phone Number, Add A New Username, Write An Email Address to send as message or simply write any other information. From our experience, the most popular option for adding Name is to type it manually. For selecting your country, you can select from different countries.

You may also choose if you want your information to appear in different languages on your profile. The next step is to fill in your phone number. If you are not sure go on google type “your name” and click on search button to find information about your friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, and partners.

How To Create A Story On Instagram With Most Followers?

From our experience, selecting phone number is always better than using a randomly chosen name. Lastly, here you can add your own personal info and password. It is important to keep your password confidential and professional so that only you can access your account without anyone else having access to your Instagram. We recommend using strong password. If you use Instagram and don’t know what password to use, you can find some useful password ideas here.

Now that you have created your account on Instagram, you can start to reach out to people and interact with them. You can do this by sending messages on specific posts, like Stories, Reels, IGTV, etc. You can also make videos that show things you like and what happened to you while going through your day. There are different tools available within Instagram like Stories, Advertisement, Auto Post Production Filter, Banner - Sign, Black And yellow, Black Friday, purple colorReels, Video, IGTV, etc. For example, I have created a video on my camera and have started to upload it on my timeline to share with others.

Another method might include live broadcasting where you use Instagram Live to record yourself or present something that you want to show to the world. This is also great if you are working around a public place, like the beach, and want to show a good time. Just don’t forget to show it on both sides of your face!

How People Comments  Likes And share your Video And Story

Now that you have created your accounts, you might have noticed that several users are following you because they found your video interesting. In case, you are interested with a particular person or anything regarding your favorite topic, you can comment on their post, reply to someone’s question, tag them or even tell them by messaging your contact details and ask the right questions. Make sure to follow one user to another one to maintain one mind.

Auto Post Production Filter, Storytelling, Mobile App, Marketing, Telephone

When doing this, you have to answer appropriately and respect each other’s privacy. Not all people are going to respond to your comments immediately but keep checking them back and forth to make sure that what you say is correct and what the person is reacting to. Even though, comments are considered spam in some cases, just ignore them and don’t give any unnecessary response.

Comments should always come from a genuine source and avoid fake ones. Try to remember who will follow you back when you are talking to somebody and if they actually find your video funny. That way, you won’t waste your time and you also don’t give anyone who doesn’t like your content just a false impression of them. Asking a sincere compliment like “good morning!” can also help you to get more likes.

If you are looking forward to reach out to someone then you can try calling them directly. However, sometimes you have to call multiple times before getting an answer. Do not ignore that you made the right decision and the right approach.

Every now and then, you might get random calls on your cell, but the majority of the time, they are coming from people who like you. Maybe you have been in conversation with some random guy and he is really nice to hear what you have to say about him.

Or maybe you have some questions, and the person is really helpful. Now, you should also think twice about chatting with strangers if you haven’t worked up an actual connection yet. People take a lot of pleasure in telling others about themselves. They are curious and want to have something new to talk about. But there is no point in asking questions to a stranger unless you already have a connection with a real person.

Don’t forget to thank the person for being kind enough to listen and then continue talking with them through text or calls.

So, that’s all about making your first instagram account and reaching out to the right persons.

Accounts Of Instagram with most Followers

Social media has become a crucial part of our lives. However, there are times where we find ourselves overwhelmed by the sheer amount of posts that have been shared by other users on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. We don’t want to be like these people but sometimes it becomes harder to get away from them.

Many accounts have thousands of fans. These pages would post multiple videos or photos to try and gain more followers while still keeping their followers happy. To help combat this struggle, these sites have developed tools that can help us monitor and analyze the comments section of an account to see how many comments they’ve gotten within a set period of time. It is a great way for users to check out what other people think about an artist.

Top Rated Instagram accounts with the most followers

For this list, I’m going to be sharing five accounts that are currently ranked in the top five for follower acounts on all of social media platforms. Only one of these accounts belongs to someone with real life connections, so there may not be any connection between the two accounts. In my opinion, every artist deserves genuine praise.

Not only does it show your growth as an artist, but also shows that you’re making a lot of progress in front of your peers. There are very few artists who have achieved things like the amount of success these three accounts have and I think everyone else should learn from them. Some examples of my favorite accounts include @jrkavazz, @louis_diaz, and more. They are some of the best accounts on Instagram right now.

1. Jean Louis Kavazz – 10.7 million Followers

A very talented jazz musician, he’s probably best known for playing guitar, but it doesn’t stop him from showing off his talent for dancing too with his dance dances on TikTok. He was recently caught up in viral debates where other internet celebrities were discussing why Kylie Jenner’s lip glosses looked better than her own! As a fan, his music videos can tell you a lot about his creativity.

A perfect combination of both pop culture and musical theater. The sound and vibes of songs like “I Hope You Feel That Love”, “Be My Baby”, “Just Like Me” gives me chills during a cold night in my apartment.

Jean Louis’ passion for his craft makes his content unique to him and I wish more people were able to enjoy this talent just as much as he enjoys his craft. If you love jazz, soul, and dancing, then follow Jean Louis Kavazz.

2. David Guetta – 8.1 million Followers

David Guetta is best known for being a rapper. His influences are heavy like BTS and Cardi B, Roddy Ricch, Lil Nas X, Rihanna, etc. While this account isn’t as active as those of his friends, the energy he puts into creating content and making sure it gets out to at least 500K subscribers makes him seem likeable.

This might be because of the fact that most of his followers are men, which means there’s less female influence compared to the case with his male counterparts.

Guetta has shown no signs of slowing down as he continues to release new content consistently. I think he’s got the potential to reach over 1.5 million subscribers, but unless his other projects receive enough support as well, I’m not interested in hearing about him anytime soon.

3. Big Sean and Drake – 7.8 million Followers

This account follows along well with whatever other accounts on different topics related to music are doing, as Big Sean always leaves something to talk about. This account is filled with a ton of commentary on everything from politics to fitness, from memes and even live streams. For a little bit of extra fun, you will sometimes find yourself looking through random memes before reading anything else.

What’s exciting is that fans can look for trends when scrolling through their timeline, which allows them to find what interests them. I think one thing that separates these accounts from others is that they have the ability to make their followers feel included and welcomed as well as be entertained.

4. Future – 6.8 million Followers

The future looks amazing. Fans can expect to see lots of the same stylistic choices that Kanye West uses in his videos. This account is also very artistic, having an extremely high level of artwork in a very minimal manner. Fans can already enjoy seeing how good the likes and followers on this account are and they won’t have much to complain about. Fans can check back to see if the account has made any changes, if the creators made any adjustments, etc.

All of these accounts have different levels of engagement compared to others because they’re all about entertaining their subscribers and giving them positive feedback. When I scroll through each account, my mind goes blank, making me wonder about their future. What are they working on?

It certainly doesn’t matter to me, but sometimes I just wish I could ask them questions to give them some hope and inspiration.

Their work shows off a variety of talents and talent, and that’s okay when you compare it to the competition. Each account is very different than the next, and it comes down to the person who creates and curates them. Hopefully that gives you ideas for your own work too!

How many fans do you have on Insta?

A question I get asked a lot these days and to be honest, I still cannot tell. But when people ask me this question I can tell you it’s an important one for any social network to have. So let’s see what accounts are the most popular on Instagram. In this post, we will discuss all accounts that make up this list with most followers on Insta from this page.

Instagram is basically like Youtube and in my opinion, Insta has everything to offer! People who don’t know about internet, Instagram or not, they should check it out, just like you have many other sites and pages out there for free.

It’s very easy to share your photos on instagram because if you want to change your settings you can. And as long as your picture will be posted up on our web page, we will be able to accept it and try to save the image if possible. That’s why we can say without doubt, Insta is our “Instagram”.

But it gets more complicated to explain how does it work. If you do not understand what it’s about then it’s better to look at the tutorial here. Let me show you how to start a new account (or edit your old account) after following some steps which are also good for those who know nothing about it. Also Read – 10 Best Instagram Tools To Use For Personalization And Customizability

How many followers do you have on Instagram? This is probably the most common question people ask to me. As I said, I only have 5.7 million followers on Insta and my most active ones are 1.1 million likes. Isn’t it crazy? The same way in Youtube you create a channel and people can follow your videos.

Instagram has something different but even if you don’t have a YouTube channel you still can upload anything. It doesn’t matter what you’re going to post you can follow Instagram’s rules.

Now you might be thinking to yourself what does this number means. Well, let’s take a closer look at it and see what it really means. When someone checks this number it says: “You have 50k+ Followers”. At least 6.3% of us actually follows those who think about them as their followers. Now you may wonder, how many Instagram users follow each other? That is another question here. You can learn more about it here under How often do you click on pictures?

What is the highest number of followers on Instagram?

According to statistics, the average follower count on Instagram is 4k. Only 0.3% of us follow 2k-3k accounts. We know how difficult it is to reach 4000 on Instagram the best part is you can reach 4000 using hashtags you can find. Here you can see how many users are doing cool things for their account. Just look around and you can see how many accounts are over 4000.

Maybe you think it’s easier to become 6000 on Instagram or maybe more to 100000. Well, according to stats you need to put more than 2000 friends to reach 7000 plus followers. You can reach that by increasing your number of following accounts and increasing the photo and video quality.

I hope this gives you an idea on how hard it seems to achieve certain followers count. Yes, so it seems so hard. And yes it’s definitely a great help to increase your Instagram followers.

However, if you don’t have enough followers to reach 3000 and you have no idea what kind of job you should keep doing on Instagram to increase the following rates then it’s better to go and spend money on some paid services.

How many instagram with most  followers do you have on insta?

Are you asking your girl/boy-friend to follow you in your IG story? As you want to have a nice selfie with her, she already knows exactly where to find it. But do you want him to know where you got that picture from? No right? Well, you don’t want to tell them to find out. That’s why this famous IG story feature, called, allows you to set up your Insta link on their profile so you could easily see where their attention goes as soon as you click your button.

I think that is pretty useful for a girls to know where he is and how much likes he has. Now you might be wondering what that picture was, it must have been taken on a date. Or maybe because he thinks it’s nice to look your face behind the camera, to make sure he sees it.

Either way, when someone is looking up for his girlfriend/boy-friend to follow him, so yes it turns out he is searching for someone who looks like him.

So now you got to show your love for your boyfriend through these posts but that means you have to be creative. Try finding something else like his favourite colour and post it too.

And remember, you are not going to share random pics, use real photos and write down your thoughts. Make it interesting if you want to impress him, if he likes the picture then let him follow you. Then I am sure you would like it so you can look that way. Don’t forget to add some captions to the IG stories. It will help to improve your popularity too. There’s nothing better than knowing you like someone for your personality.

How many Instagram followers do you have on Kaleelah?

KALEELEAH isn’t available on the main feed right? Well there are a few ways to get more followers (and sometimes less). One way is to visit my blog and read the article about tips to gain thousand followers on Instagram but that one is not good at all. Even though if you follow the same process it takes time, it may take you months to see results, which is bad and it’s not going to happen on Insta right? Well no.

Just follow this step to get 1000 followers instantly on your first day and it will help you to build your followers quickly. Checkout this post and choose the niche of yours that you want to discuss here. Find your Instagram username and password and complete your bio to make sure it reads good enough.

So this post is the end of discussion. Hope you got an idea about the top 10 followers on Instagram so, I am going to show you how to attract more followers on Facebook. Before we talk about FB, here’s something to mention. In terms of stats you have less fans than the rest of us on Google.

But, there’s a difference between that and Facebook. Here, your name is public information, your page. You have the liberty to delete or overwrite all your private details (that are not connected to your account), so let’s get into the point that everyone wants to know you.

Especially when someone asks you about your life and you feel like sharing everything you’ve done. So I think of Facebook as a hidden place. Not to share statuses, comments and every thing in your page, but basically, it’s just a small little box you can hide your personal information while sharing it on your wall.

Why can I say that Facebook can be similar to Instagram when the number of people on both platforms aren’t that big? Sure, Instagram has a lower number of users than everyone else but I think that’s only because the service is more accessible but that doesn’t mean they should be treated the same. Now I have given some examples to see what you can do but it’s not necessary for people.

Unless you are talking about privacy you are fine to post whatever you want but if you want to have more likes and likes on some pictures you shouldn’t. So, I think Instagram is a bit harder to control so the community is more involved in posting images rather than posting statuses. Now, let me talk about a topic that is discussed in media all the time.

How to make content look authentic and professional

If you have fake followers then you are not doing yourself any favours. Fake followers do not bring any value to this industry. They are made by others. Remember, you shouldn’t create a fake audience. Do you know what would happen if you had fake followers and it won’t give any advantage to anyone to grow? People will start showing signs of fake followers and they will do what you think that it’s better to have an actual person in front of you.

That leads us to my next topic… How to avoid having fake followers. Nowadays that’s easy to guess. First of all, you don’t want to be seen as a fraud, so you need to post high quality content, you always focus on your photography, but that is different than a blogger. You have to focus on writing. Your goal is to sell more and more products so you don’t need to worry about having fake followers. Another way that people trick you is by creating websites where you have fake accounts.

When I look for this type of website, I find that I want to make the picture more impressive and interesting to look like a high definition movie. That’s another mistake I think that will lead people to think that you are trying to fool them about your product. I usually don’t create such websites, unless I get bored with my blog and want to start making fun stuff.

And I bet people can’t tell whether I’m serious about blogging or making a website or some funny pictures which will later make them laugh.

Be careful with everything you post on your blog and beware of your followers because your friends and family are watching.

How to gain thousands of followers on my Facebook?

So, I’m sure you have heard a lot of

Most Followed kpop Idol On Instagram

In this article I will help you with accounts that everyone can follow but I won’t forget to recommend an account that is worth a mention.

Asian little girl checking social networking service.

This article contains affiliate links meaning I receive commissions when you buy something. Click here to read my full disclosure.

The following are accounts with the most number of followings on Instagram. Follow these accounts if it’s your dream account!

1. The Bodybuilder (3,049) – #1

This page has 2,948,941 follower and a lot more love for fitness, gym memberships and bodybuilding. It might just be your dream account so don’t let go because it means so much for me and my readers.

2. Emma Watson – #2

This one is very popular among athletes and celebrities even though this account also belongs to Bollywood actors like Anushka Sharma, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Akshay Kumar, Sara Ali Khan etc.

3. Gaurav Chopra – #3

This account is about personal trainers who teach you how to lose weight and get shredded. They have 4,959,000 followers. You should know them as @gaurav_chanpaul.

4. Taimur Ali Zalib’s Account – #4

This was created by a professional celebrity yoga trainer- a well known name in his field. He has 3,724,000 followers. His personality is awesome because he has a lot of fans to support him. He even gives advice to people. If you have any issues or questions contact him before making a post.

5. Richa Chadha (2,991) – #5

Richa is an Indian Vogue beauty editor. She has some amazing photos from her photoshoots. However, she doesn’t only care about fame but self-love and love for her clients.

6. Aditya Narayan’s Instagram Page – #6

This Twitter account is part of the influencer team of Aditya Narayan. The website is advertising and promoting other businesses. So that makes it a business marketing page. I think this account worth mentioning because you want to know what the real story of social media is.

7. Nithy (@nithytweets) – #7

This account has 2,541,000 fans. Don’t worry it won’t be for less than a week from now or till the end of February.

8. Kallon (@kallon) – 1,531,000

Kallon is a South African singer. He is famous for performing “Iris May 2020”. He has been releasing songs, giving advice, working as a coach and having many fun activities where he teaches kids music and dance lessons. This account is good for boys with girls as well. It’s one of those accounts worth sharing on Insta and Facebook pages.

9. Disha Parmar – 1,539,000

He is the founder and CEO of Marque Music India. He made it through hard work and determination. Yes, that’s it! He has worked as a corporate executive, producer, artist manager and actor. He is still one of the best young talents out there. Also Read his life story.

10. Chitlendu Ramakrishnan – 1,513,000

He is another successful music artist from india and became a global star. However he was a boy at first that’s why he got a huge number of followers for sure. There are so many stars out there who make good videos but his account is special so keep watching and coming back next time.

11. Yash Shah – 1,415,000

He is a guy whose mother used to teach him to sing and play guitar. All these things were done to prepare him for success in life. After a long career he went into modeling, acting and had several careers.

12. Kamala Harris – 1,411,000

She is known for doing great justice in all matters concerning race relations and politics. Her fan base isn’t too big though so don’t worry.

13. Sunil Soman – 1,408,000

He was last seen in Netflix movie Pataakha. He started singing 10 years ago and became in the limelight this year. We are here if you need inspiration!

14. Jai Bijli Rao – 1,414,000

Jai is the cofounder of Youngsters & When he goes to college his friends start following him and after joining Google his fan base increases so this account worth mentioning.

15. Arjun Bijlani – 1,404,000

He is a renowned photographer. He took an interest in photography during school and works as a creative director of Unsplash. But no, not really his main job is taking pictures.

16. Divya Agaram – 1,404,000

She is a businessman and philanthropist. He owns around 20 companies. His company is called Wix. He is helping startups.

17. Ravi Shroff – 1,408,000

He is a writer. He wants to become a travel blogger to tell us a little bit more about the countries we visit each month.

18. Pratik Gandhi – 1,390,000

He is a teacher and student who is passionate about teaching English. He is a graduate from Delhi University.

19. Ludo – 1,360,000

Ludo has 2,000+ fans. He writes about technology, sports and entertainment and how much he loves to write about things he likes when he doesn’t have time.

20. Vaishali Patel – 1,360,000

She is a model in Bangalore. She enjoys working all over the world.

21. Abhishek Bachchan – 1,351,000

He is a celebrity actor. Born on 29 October 1990 and he is 25 years old. He is currently in films like Happy New Year 2, Coolie No 1, Thane Paruvaidu Sabhai, Good Bye Bad Luck and Shakuntala Devi. He is the owner of Saamna Films Company. This is one of the many great accounts worth mentioning.

22. Shaquille O’Neal – 1,356,000

He is a retired football player who is going to finish up his education next year and then come on board the Detroit Lions next season.

23. Ritu Arya – 1,337,000

She is someone you should look up to if you want to do well in life. She has always worked hard and worked tirelessly. She is a daughter to Mahindra & Chinnaswamy.

24. Jaikumar Dhawan – 1,310,000

He is a 23 year old footballer. He joined PSG in 2016 and after 18 months they have signed 6 new contracts.

25. Rajesh Rai – 1,310,000

He is a 21 year old athlete. During high school, he came across a poster reading ‘Akshay Vishwanath’. He liked the picture and asked his friend to take a photo of it later. They both had a party the next day. Later it was announced that they were starting their own clothing brand.

26. Karanvir Bohra – 1,316,000

He is an entrepreneur born in Karachi. He is the Co-Founder of Viral Factor Labs with his brother Rohan. He loves to make apps and web applications. Recently, he made a video in which he is playing games.

27. Ashley Blanchard – 1,316,000

He is an American author. She is getting married to Nathan Evans and his family recently celebrated their wedding.

28. Mika Singhania – 1,324,000

He is the Founder of Social Capital and Head Coach of Lifehack Academy.

29. Siddhartha Mukhopadhyay – 1,317,000

He is a digital influencer. He is in the spotlight as a fashion icon. Today he has millions of users on his content.

30. Neelagadda – 1,313,000

She was born in Hyderabad and her passion for entrepreneurship has helped her grow. Now she runs three platforms that help women stay connected, independent and safe in our fast changing world.

31. Harshita Verma – 1,313,000

She is an international lawyer and public policy advocate.

32. Manoj Kumar Sharma – 1,306,000

He is an online marketer. The biggest reason is, he is different from everybody else. As a result, he gets a huge following for every single post.

33. Rahul Rawail – 1,306,000

He is a British rapper and songwriter. He was discovered by Kanye West and later produced his first EP named “Yung Yuh”.

34. Khudah Bhadra – 1,306,000

He is half Chinese. He is the Founder and CEO of Khudesh Investments.

35. Dr. Umar Farooq – 1,306,000

He is the founder of FUBU, a medical app designed to improve treatments for cancers and chronic diseases. He was previously associated with Pfizer/BioNTech and Genentech.

36. Ranjan Rajan – 1,306,000

He is a businessman and founder of Mumbai based E-Commerce store Techstark. He has over 25 000 followers.

37. Sachin Mohite – 1,306,000

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