one of those days 20 short videos by Jude Devir and maya diver from everyday life

History Of Jude Devir 

It was the first day of school for Jude. He was sitting at home alone, as usual, reading comics. Instead, he watched TV shows, but the cartoons he watched were only about him and his friends. One day he decided he wanted to get into comics, so he went to Amazon and started looking for any cartoon series he could find. Then, the next thing he knew, he was staring at a whole bunch of titles. “How do I choose?” he thought to himself. This is where the book comes in…

Jude devoured every title he could find. From Superman to Batman, he read them all over and over again until he finished them all. This meant nothing to him. He only thought about what he was going to do with his life. But then he got a message from his cousin Ben, who told him there was a cartoon called The Judes Universe. This caught his attention because he liked superheroes and was always interested in what they looked like. So he took the opportunity to check it out.

When Jude saw the title, he tried to call some people nearby, but none of them answered. So he sent a message to everyone he knew, hoping that someone would be able to help him. Finally, after weeks, he was able to call John Wesley Powell. John’s friend told him to come over, so Jude drove to his house. Upon arrival, John told Jude to take a bus to another town. There he met other children from different parts of the world, including Jude’s new best friend, Jules.

Over time, Jude began to improve at drawing. It was simple at first, just like comics. But he soon realized that he had something special. When he drew, he tried to engage his imagination and create characters he could empathize with. This helped him feel more confident, which helped him express himself. If Jude drew a scene, he would write an actual scene for each character. This way, he could build characters that looked realistic and that others could have fun with. Even though they weren’t real characters, he still felt connected to them.

One day, Jude came home from school and saw everyone watching TV. They talked about a show he saw. Every time he turned, he only saw Jules sitting on the couch with tears streaming down her face. Jude couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He went back to his room, sat on the bed, and cried himself to sleep.

The next morning, Jude woke up to find Ben standing over him. “What do we do?” Jude told him. “We’re moving out,” Ben replied. “We’re going to start our own family.” Jude’s heart dropped to his stomach. He realized it wasn’t working. He didn’t want to give up on his dream of becoming a professional artist. He could never have a family. What happened to him?

That night Jude sat on the balcony crying and wondering what he could do. Should he go to school or become a doctor? He tried to talk to some random stranger who might know what to do. His mind kept wandering and he ended up texting some guy named Jordan. Jordan was saving money to buy a small apartment and told Jude to come sometime. Jude agreed, feeling lost.

The next day, Jude arrived at Jordan’s house. He saw Ben walk through the door and wave goodbye. Jordan looked surprised but also grateful. As they walked into the living room, Jude noticed that Ben had drawn some pretty realistic-looking pictures of Jules holding a sign that said ‘I wish I could be with you’. And then he saw something that made him laugh…

Jude looked up to see two naked women and two men lying on the floor directly in front of him. They were both asleep except for Jules’ eyes. She was wearing a long white dress that she pulled up to cover herself. The man was dressed but had tattoos. Finally, Jude noticed one tattoo on the woman’s neck, just above her breasts. Jude couldn’t believe it! It was a beautiful painting and she slept with it. It was a shock, but he still felt happy.

Jude asked Jordan to drive him to Jules’ house so he could find more information about the cartoon. They stopped at Starbucks for coffee. While they were at the bar, Jude told Jordan that he wanted to ask Jules if she knew about the cartoon. Jordan nodded, knowing he just wanted to make sure. So Jude took Jordan’s hand and put it under his chin and leaned in to speak. Jude asked, “What happened?”

“I told you you’d love it, and I also said you have what it takes to succeed in your art career!” Jordan laughed. “I have a plan,” Jude said. “I’ll draw Jules and then sell her a poster for $1,000. Jordan shrugged, clearly disappointed. But then Jordan said to Jude, “You don’t understand. To make money from a cartoon, you have to be unique and original. You have to really stand out.

And if you want to be unique, you have to keep doing it.” Jude nodded, agreeing with Jordan, and so he said he would try to follow his advice. Jude began to examine the rest of the cartoon. The artwork was stunning! It looked so realistic! The backgrounds were also amazing and reflected the fact that every aspect of the characters was detailed to the point where they looked natural. Everything was done to such perfection that they looked almost realistic. You’d never guess that the animator was actually Jules herself.

After a while, Jude spent hours examining every detail. He even bought several of the same clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup, hair, and jewelry for everyone. He also created a website using Miro, which was a platform for artists to share their work. While all this was going on, he finally started creating his own comic. But he didn’t want to pay anyone else to draw him. Instead, Jude decided to self-publish. The first week he posted a few pages every few days. It soon started selling and started getting positive reviews from fans. People started loving his comics and he became known for being creative and hardworking.

Then one day Jude got a call from a fan who knew about the cartoon. He explained to Jude that they came across it in a bookstore. Now they were selling Jules’ work! But Jude wasn’t ready to let it slip away. He contacted the studio and asked them if they were willing to buy the rights to the cartoon. Of course, they were, but they wanted to make sure they had enough money to do it properly. So Jude suggested starting small. By buying as many copies as possible, he’ll have enough money to start buying ahead of time, and once things settle down, he could ask for a bigger deal.

To save money, he decided to reject all offers below ten times the current sales, as this would give him enough money to start production immediately. When Jude heard about the offer, he accepted it with enthusiasm.

His parents were really excited about him publishing his own comic. They were afraid that he would spend all the money, but they understood that he had to do what he loved. Jude had no idea how much he could get out of the cartoon, but he knew he would need it. He began preparing for publication, looking for a publisher, and figuring out how to market the cartoon. He just released his own comic! Juda’s achievements became known throughout the community and he was hailed as a force to be reckoned with.

One of Those Days

one of Deviro’s most popular series of images and videos features a couple dealing with everyday household concerns, such as a clogged sink or broken appliance. A number of people who can relate to the frustration and comedy of everyday life have found the series appealing. He has 5.6 million followers on Instagram because of his engaging and funny illustrations. His ability to portray the joys and sorrows of everyday life in a witty and entertaining manner has earned him the favor of many on and off Instagram. In the following section, we look at some of his best illustrations.

Credit: Jude Devir

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